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The Gospel of Luke 2:52 says "And Jesus increased in wisdom (Mental and Emotional development) and in stature (Physical Development) and in favor with God (Spiritual Development) and Man (Social Development)". This verse from the Holy Bible provides the cornerstone to education at Mount Carmel. Every individual at Mount Carmel is considered a precious gift from God, in the hands of His stewards, to bring about this four-fold development, for his own benefit and for that of society as a whole.

People make an institution great, so whether you are a prospective student, current student, teacher, administrator, staff member, alumni, parent, neighbor, or visitor, you are valued and appreciated.

Students from all countries and cultures are welcome in Mount Carmel. Currently, children from over 15 countries study in the schools.

The Schools are staffed by highly qualified, dedicated and experienced teachers, who are all working as a service to the country and the world at large. The staff are always open to suggestions, constructive criticism and complaints.

Mount Carmel is driven by the belief that people committed to Godliness and servitude can actually change the world. Beginning with our founders, Dr. V. K. Williams and Dr. (Mrs.) N.M.Williams, an ever-growing family of Mount Carmel staff and alumni have committed themselves to changing the world.

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